Review: Threatened, by Eliot Schrefer (Feb. 2014)

Luc, an orphan in Gabon, is hired as a research assistant by an Egyptian professor studying chimpanzees. They move into the jungle, which is full of dangers both environmental and human. This is sort of a companion to Schrefer’s lovely Endangered, one of my favorite books of recent years. Though they’re … Continue reading

Review: What I Saw and How I Lied, Judy Blundell (2008)

Just back from WWII, Evie’s stepfather takes her and her mother on a surprise vacation to Florida, where they meet Peter, a young man he knew in the service. As Evie falls for Peter, she is caught in a tangled web of secrets and lies. This won a National Book … Continue reading

Climbing the Stairs, by Padma Venkatraman

In 1942 India, Vidya is primarily concerned with convincing her parents not to marry her off until she can go to college. Those hopes die when her father is seriously injured at an independence march and Vidya, her parents, and her brother move to Madras to live with her father’s … Continue reading