Review: Make Lemonade, by Virginia Euwer Wolff (1993)

I still have a handful of books that are on my recommended summer reading list due to general acclaim even though I haven’t read them yet. Sometimes I read one and am embarrassed about putting my stamp of approval on it. But Make Lemonade is staying on the list forever, unless I can get … Continue reading

Review: Little Blog on the Prairie, Cathleen Davitt Bell

4 out of 5 When Gen’s mom drags the family to “Frontier Family Camp” for the summer, Gen is sure she’ll hate it. Who wants to spend a summer milking cows and peeing in an outhouse, cut off from her friends and the whole post-1890 world? She can’t stand the … Continue reading

When You Reach Me, Rebecca Stead

Sixth grader Miranda walks home with her best friend every day, helps her mom study for her $20,000 Pyramid debut, and reads A Wrinkle in Time over and over again. But suddenly her life is full of odd characters: the crazy man under the mailbox on her street, and the … Continue reading