Review: Seraphina, by Rachel Hartman (July 2012)

The pitch: In Goredd, dragons and humans have kept an uneasy peace for forty years. Dragons fold into human shapes to serve as ambassadors and professors, but they are far from trusted. When young musician Seraphina takes a position at court, she is drawn into  the investigation of a murder and … Continue reading

Review: The Shattering, Karen Healey (Sept. 2011)

I wrote this review when I read the book back in the spring, but as I talk about some spoilers below, I wanted to wait until it comes out. Which is tomorrow! I think Karen Healey is one of the best current YA authors, period — up there with Melina … Continue reading

Review: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Laurie R. King (1994)

Sherlock Holmes, contentedly retired to Sussex to keep bees (which Giddygeek and JanetCarter assure me is canon), meets his intellectual match in Mary Russell, the wealthy orphaned teenager up the road. They fight crime! One of you lovely people (sorry, I forget who) recommended this for our 8th grade summer … Continue reading

Impossible, by Nancy Werlin

When Lucy was small, her mother went crazy and disappeared, leaving her in the care of her beloved foster parents. She doesn’t believe it, of course, when she finds pages from her mother’s diary claiming that the family has been under an Elfin Knight’s curse for centuries — each woman … Continue reading