Reading diversely

A great post about reading diversely, by another white lady: Kelly Jensen on Stacked. I don’t agree with everything she says — I get why she does it, but not buying books by white men seems a bit much, since the vast majority of writers in every demographic group are living on pretty thin margins. Most of the white men I’m reading ain’t Jonathan Franzen or Stephen King.

But overall, this post is GREAT. This, in particular, resonated with me and my Diverse Authors Project:

[Y]ou can’t pride yourself on being open and aware of who you’re reading. It cannot be your selling point and it certainly doesn’t make you an expert when you’re white. Rather, you need to do this because you need to do this. I read diversely because it’s my responsibility to do so; setting up parameters is how I keep myself in check. No one is holding me accountable here except myself, and I’m not going to ever expect another person to pat me on the back nor congratulate me for doing what I am responsible for doing.

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