Much better, thanks!

20130104-182845.jpgEach of these is attractive, and stands out from its genre crowd (at least a little bit) while still giving a clear sense of that genre. Points to Have a Nice Day for ironic title-image juxtaposition, and to Summer of the Mariposas for riffing on the backlit-ladies cover in a way that nevertheless tells me something specific about both the plot and tone.

Eve & Adam is way too much like Cinder to be truly original, but Cinder was totally original and this is the first copycat I’ve seen, so I’ll take it.

As for Supergirl Mixtapes, I adore the cover and the title, but since my students have never encountered a “mixtape” in their lives, I have to suspect that I am the target audience — ie., women in their mid-thirties who read YA. I guess that’s a burgeoning audience in its own right!

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2 Responses to Much better, thanks!

  1. Martini-Corona says:

    I guess if the title is _Eve and Adam_ an apple would be the obvious thing — (or a snake, or a fig leaf, I guess) but this does piggyback on _Twilight_, doesn’t it?

    I had the same thought about _Supergirl Mixtapes_.

    • Sam says:

      It does, it’s true. Though Twilight came out so long ago at this point (with surprisingly few cover imitators that I can think of) that I feel like that’s more homage than trend?

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