YA book deal infographics

Kate Hart just posted a fun series of infographics about the YA book deals of the past year, as reported in Publisher’s Weekly. Because I’m a giant data nerd, I want to look at all the numbers. (ALL THE NUMBERS!) But the infographics are pretty great in their own right:

Part I: Deals by genre and $$

Part II: Single vs. multi-book deals

Part III: Trends

Which had my favorite graph:

YA "Retellings" Mar. 2011-2012

Does this mean we can look forward to a science fiction retelling of Casablanca? I certainly hope so!

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2 Responses to YA book deal infographics

  1. Greg says:

    Here’s a crazy thought , media industry, if you want kids to know about Casablanca, SHOW THEM CASABLANCA. mutter grumble mutter stupid mutter morons mutter ruining everything grumble mutter

    • Sam says:

      Hey Greg, I’m not sure what you’re actually grumbling about this time. :) The idea that Casablanca isn’t media-saturated enough for kids to get a science fiction retelling of it? Or the idea that anyone would retell a story that was perfectly good the first time?

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