Happy blog mitzvah!

Parenthetical turned 13 on Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate (a bit late, like we do everything here at Parenthetical Headquarters), I found a nifty new theme and fancied things up a bit. My header now matches my business cards. You can see my Goodreads recently-reads with ratings on the left there. I might continue futzing with the colors because it’s easier than re-painting my apartment, but overall I’m quite pleased. (It certainly looks better than my bat mitzvah perm.)┬áBig thumbs up to Mantra, an amazingly customizable theme by Cryout Creations!

The other new addition is a Twitter feed. I still don’t entirely get Twitter, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. So you can watch me not get Twitter @MsParenthetical! My best guess is that it will be signal-boosting for education and library-related articles, plus announcements of new posts here. Follow me and I’ll follow you and it’ll be a whole big following party.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    13 years ?!!!!! Wowzers! (I joined twitter in much the same spirit a while ago, and continue to be amazed at the interest some people find in it)

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