Happy blog mitzvah!

Parenthetical turned 13 on Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate (a bit late, like we do everything here at Parenthetical Headquarters), I found a nifty new theme and fancied things up a bit. My header now matches my business cards. You can see my Goodreads recently-reads with ratings on the left there. I might continue futzing with the colors because it’s easier than re-painting my apartment, but overall I’m quite pleased. (It certainly looks better than my bat mitzvah perm.) Big thumbs up to Mantra, an amazingly customizable theme by Cryout Creations!

The other new addition is a Twitter feed. I still don’t entirely get Twitter, but it doesn’t seem to be going away. So you can watch me not get Twitter @MsParenthetical! My best guess is that it will be signal-boosting for education and library-related articles, plus announcements of new posts here. Follow me and I’ll follow you and it’ll be a whole big following party.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    13 years ?!!!!! Wowzers! (I joined twitter in much the same spirit a while ago, and continue to be amazed at the interest some people find in it)

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