Holiday? What holiday?, part 2: Raptors around the Christmas tree

I’m spending my day watching Lord of the Rings, extended editions (or as far as I get, anyway). There will no doubt be some Chinese food at some point. I’ve never had a traditional Jewish Christmas — I’m looking at this as an opportunity to explore my heritage.

The folks behind Jewsmas would like a different traditional Jewish Christmas, so everyone will “leave Chanukah the hell alone!” Traditions include The Refusal of the Ham and The Mumbling of the Carols. Sounds like not quite as much fun as The Airing of Grievances, but I’d give it a try.

Time for more Terrible Christmas Things! Erin McKeown, a wonderful singer-songwriter with whom I went to college, has an “anti-holiday album” entitled F*ck That! It’s not her best work, certainly; it’s a bit brittle and obvious, as you might guess from songs like “Go Tell It on the Mountain (That Karl Rove Is Born)” and “Santa Is an Asshole.” But I am in exactly the right mood to appreciate that sort of thing, and have been humming “You wish us happy holidays / But you really mean merry Christmas” for days.

I’ve had Rare Exports, a Finnish horror comedy about “the real Santa Claus,” recommended to me several times recently. I have a pretty limited appetite for horror, but the trailer was entertaining, anyway.

But I’ve saved the best for last: Coping With Christmas Carol Fatigue, complete with Raptor Christmas Carols:

Do you have a Terrible Christmas Thing you’d like to share? I mean, nothing’s going to top “Said the raptor to another one / Do you smell what I smell?” But I’ll appreciate your attempt.

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2 Responses to Holiday? What holiday?, part 2: Raptors around the Christmas tree

  1. Sebbo says:

    Rare Exports is a lot of fun, and generally, I think, reasonably safe for non-horror-fans. It has very little gore or major-character death, and more ominous atmospherics and stunning north-Finnish landscapes.

  2. Hacksaw says:

    This year, Santa brought many soldier dads back home, spent a bit of extra time at the Jobs household grieving for a partner in gift giving, and has a few bags of coal for various congress folk. However, his journey was marked by a number of incidents of being pepper sprayed whilst partaking of cookies left by the children of various ill informed constables.

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