Sign a petition for school librarians

If you care about literacy and learning, please sign this petition.

Ensure all school libraries are properly staffed, open, and available for children every day.

Any school receiving Federal funds should be required to have a credentialed School Librarian on staff full time with a library that contains a minimum of 18 books per student…. Study after study has shown that well-stocked, well-funded, well-organized school libraries staffed by a “highly qualified” School Librarian, or other similarly qualified credentialed individual, improve student reading scores, test scores, and literacy rates. All children have the right to read and to have access to materials that will help them grow as learners and as people.

(Emphasis mine)

Here is an excellent article in School Library Journal about one of those studies: Something to Shout About: New research shows that more librarians means higher reading scores.

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2 Responses to Sign a petition for school librarians

  1. Sam says:

    It’s a good question, Greg, and I don’t know the answer (though there might actually be one). But the point of having a trained school librarian is that we have a degree in, among other things, telling the difference between Left Behind and the collected works of Dickens. The needs of each school will be different, and it’s part of the librarian’s job to build a collection based on that. Many, many school libraries have literally NO collections budget, even as their schools grow. The “18 books per student” sounds to me like a way to address that, even if I don’t know how they came to that number.

  2. Greg says:

    Where’d they come up with “18 books per student”? That strikes me as a bad yardstick in a few different ways. For one, 18 Left Behind books is not the same thing as the collected works of Dickens. For another, to have a quality library I’d think there’d be a certain minimum threshold of quality material required regardless of the number of students. But really, why 18? Why not 17 or 19?

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