Cybils review round-up

Ever since the Cybils ended, I kept thinking I’d go back and review all the books I read for the Science Fiction & Fantasy panel. But it’s been like a month now, and I’m clearly not going to do that. (Note to self: next year, review as I go, even though I can’t post them until it’s over.) So I’ll cheat and just link to my co-judges’ reviews. They have more than enough smart things to say.

I already re-posted the blurb for Rot & Ruin, the winner. Before the finalists were announced, I’d already reviewed Ship Breaker and Guardian of the Dead. Here’s what’s left:

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PLAIN KATE, by Erin Bow: Plain Kate the carver’s daughter is such a skilled carver herself that the townspeople call her “witch-blade.” After her father’s death the town shuns her out of fear, which is just fine with Kate and her pet stray cat Taggle… until they decide she really is a witch who needs burning. Kate and Taggle escape with the help of a mysterious sorcerer named Linay, who asks for only one price — Kate’s shadow. One of my very favorite books I read this year.

Reviewed by Steph Su Reads, Miss Print, and Finding Wonderland.

THE WAGER, by Donna Jo Napoli: Retelling of an Italian folktale in which a frivolous spendthrift makes a deal with the devil that he can’t wash, cut his hair, or change his clothes for years. Unlike most deals with the devil, this one turns out to be a great idea!

Reviewed by Miss Print and Finding Wonderland.

POD, by Stephen Wallenfels: Aliens land and trap everyone inside. Why? Who the hell knows?

Reviewed by Miss Print.

BRAIN JACK, by Brian Faulkner: Like reading a video game while watching the movie Hackers on one screen and a SyFy late-night movie marathon on another. If this sounds good to you, you’ll like it.

Reviewed by Steph Su Reads and Miss Print.

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  1. Emma says:

    Love your mini blurb for Brain Jack!

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