Cybils winners 2010!

I apologize for being slow on the posting; it’s been a rough week. But yay! Cybils winners!

The fabulous YA Fantasy & Science Fiction panel chose…

Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, the most deliciously brainy* zombie book you ever thought you didn’t want to read because you’re not into zombies. Read it anyway; you will not be disappointed. (And if you already like zombie books, well, why haven’t you shambled off to the library already?)

Here’s our blurb:

Despite a few unearthly groans at the idea of another zombie book, we were all delighted by this action-packed, original interpretation of zombie mythology. Benny doesn’t remember life before the dead rose fourteen years ago, but he blames his brother Tom for their parents’ death. Too bad the rest of Mountainside worships Tom as a zombie-hunting hero. When Benny reluctantly apprentices himself to Tom, he learns that the family zombie-hunting business is not what he expected, and all is not as it seems beyond their town in the great Rot & Ruin.

We loved Benny’s growth as a person, though his deep hatred of Tom at the beginning seemed forced. We appreciated the casual racial diversity of the characters, and the way two strong female characters get their own chances to shine. That’s right, this isn’t just a boy book! Both boys and girls will love the well-paced suspense and humor. There’s plenty of violence — it is a zombie novel, after all — but it has a cinematic feel that never gets too disgusting, and a strong sense of morality that adds depth to the story, only rarely feeling heavy-handed. We challenge you to put this book down before its heart-pounding conclusion (which leaves room for a sequel, of course). Rot & Ruin will leave everyone, zombies or not, hungry for more.

* To my panel: oh sure, now I’m all over the zombie puns!

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