Tu Books announces their first books!

Tu Books, the new publisher I’ve been following that plans to focus on multicultural children’s and YA genre fiction, has bought:

  • a “YA paranormal thriller” by Joseph Bruchac, author of Code Talker, whose description involves a “black-ops father” and an “abandoned, monster-guarded mansion.”
  • Galaxy Games by Greg Fishbone, a MG science fiction trilogy about an incoming asteroid that turns out to be an alien spaceship, visiting Earth to recruit a team of kid athletes to compete in the upcoming Galaxy Games Tournament.”

If I taught boys or liked these sorts of things myself, I would be excited. As it is, I’m underwhelmed. At least neither book appears to involve making out with a werewolf.

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  2. Sam says:

    Paula: Yeah, my disappointment was less about thinking the books sounded crappy and more that they just don’t sound like anything I, personally, am excited to read. Goodness knows the world needs more good adventure stories for boys, particularly with protagonists of color!

    (The Galaxy Games thing does sound potentially awful, though. I’m hoping it leans more towards Gordon-Korman-style hilarity and away from “hey, we’re the kinder, wackier Hunger Games!”)

  3. :paula says:

    Huh. Well Bruchac is kind of a gimme, though hardly new/innovative, but that other one sounds kind of awful. Like Roar but without the… the what? the plot, I guess.

    BTW, I am searching out those 2 books you mentioned, can’t believe I don’t know them!

  4. Sam says:

    I’m pretty grumpy about all of them, frankly. I’m pretty sure Monster High is the nadir.

  5. Lexi says:

    Aren’t zombies the new vampire? Or the old new vampire, anyway? Someone was making a case for angels for a while, but I don’t think it stuck.

  6. Kate Diamond says:

    You make me laugh!

    Are werewolves officially the new vampire?

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