Summer reading!

Remember when I asked you for summer reading list suggestions? I finished the list a long time ago, of course, but it’s finally on our website. (That link will open a PDF.)

The middle school section at the beginning is the part you helped with. (And those yellow highlighted books, by the way? Are links to YouTube videos of booktalks by my colleagues and me. I can’t bear to watch mine, but feel free to mock my ridiculous facial expressions and hair-fiddling.)

Thanks to all of your for your fantastic suggestions! Special props to those of you who suggested:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Susan Cooper
Lloyd Alexander
Watership Down
Island on Bird Street (replacing one of the seven — yes, really — Holocaust books on last year’s list)
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (which I’d never heard of and totally want to read now!)
Of Nightingales That Weep

…all of which I included. Many of your suggestions were already on the list, and some were (sorry) too old or too young. But I loved hearing what all of you read in middle school, and your ideas definitely helped round out my list!

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  1. :paula says:

    I did a Summer Reading thing on our local NPR station in June.

    Time was limited, so I kept it to Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson read-alikes. But we have been SO JAMMIN this summer at the library, that list has been checked out countywide for weeks, and the backup list I keep in my head has too. So I was so happy to see your list! Some stuff on here I’ve forgotten to recommend, and some stuff I’ve never read!

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