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For the last month I’ve been reading middle grade fantasy & science fiction and discussing it with my fellow panelists, but I couldn’t blog about any of it. Now the winners are official! Yay!

Silksinger coverOur Middle Grade F & SF winner is a sequel, Dreamdark: Silksinger by Laini Taylor. I don’t really do fairies (even if you spell it “faeries”), but even I loved this. It’s a satisfying adventure that’s well worth a look. You don’t have to start with the first one, but why wouldn’t you want to?

Here are all the winners. If you’re a teacher or librarian or bookseller, talk these up — and talk up the award while you’re at it! We focus on “kid appeal” and literary quality, which is a different set of criteria than many awards. I think we fill a valuable niche and I’d love for the award to get more recognition!

Thanks to my co-panelists: I couldn’t believe how smooth and easy this process was (not to mention fun)! I’d discuss books with y’all any day.

(Finally, extra-special congratulations to my dear Kristin, who won the YA Fantasy & Science Fiction category for Fire! Woot!)

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3 Responses to Cybils winners!

  1. It was a blast (and relatively easy to decide)!

  2. Jen Robinson says:

    I’d discuss books with you any day, too!

  3. *sniff* Thanks. I’m so surprised and proud! :o) And I’ve put Dreamdark: Silksinger on my list.

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