Welcome, Shannon!

Shannon's presentation
We were delighted to host the charming Shannon Hale a couple of weeks ago! She signed great heaping piles of books while chatting with our kids, gave a fabulous presentation to a room full of rapt middle schoolers, and even handled their slight rowdiness (born only of enthusiasm, I assure you) like a teaching pro.

I hope I’m not giving anything away to say that she did a couple of storytelling exercises with the girls, my favorite of which involved solving the problems inherent in familiar fairy tales. Why doesn’t the prince ever bring Rapunzel a damn ladder? WTF is up with that?

And, of course, she blogged all about it. That’s my school, right there in the sixth paragraph!

Thank you again, Shannon and the Wellesley Booksmith! You made our day (…week ….month).

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  1. Kate Diamond says:

    I always loved that line in the first Patricia Wrede book… where Cimorene complains that glass slippers are “for deserving merchants’ daughters.”

    Oh, fairy tales. How strange you are. And how I love thee!

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