Cybils: Korgi, bk. 2, by Christian Slade

Korgi coverQuickie backlog Cybils review:

Beautifully detailed line drawings and a wordless story featuring young Ivy “and her gifted Korgi cub, Sprout.” The Characters page in the back describes Korgis as “loyal, fox-like creatures with big ears and large smiles.” Do they look an awful lot like Welsh corgis? Gosh, they do! Does the author perchance have any Welsh corgis? Well, looky there, he has two! Imagine that.

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Between the “Korgis” and the “Mollies” (“woodland people who inhabit Korgi Hollow,” some of whom have wings), this book is so sweet it makes me want to brush my teeth. The fact that it’s gorgeous almost makes up for that, but because I’m a bitter old lady, it’s not quite enough.

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