I just went back in time…

on the internet. (I mean, how else would you do it?) Last week I bought a mini-VGA to video adapter and a headphone jack to audio cable adapter, and now all of the beautiful streaming video of the internet is available for viewing on my television. One $25 purchase is a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for cable each month, that’s for sure!

So I had my friends M and J over tonight to take it for a spin. Among other things, we watched an episode of Beauty and the Beast. Yes, that show, with the romantic lead who was burdened with that terribly common and tragic birth defect of looking like a lion.

I hadn’t seen it since it originally aired, 20 (!) years ago. I was prepared for hilarity, but it turns out that the show (or at least the first episode) holds up. (Unlike the hairstyles and gigantic shoulder pads, which “hold up” in only the most literal sense of the term.) I will totally be watching more of this over winter break.

In other television history from 1987, that is the year that Iceland introduced television on Thursdays.

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  1. Sara says:

    dude, and I will be coming over to watch it with you.

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