A break from reviews for a geekgasm

Via my dear friend Eric at The Oyster’s Garter:

Who would win in a fight, Capt. Picard or Darth Vader?

I showed my 8th graders the tree octopus page today, by way of teaching website evaluation in a way that didn’t make them start snoring and drooling on their computers. “Why would anyone make a page like that?” they asked in bemused contempt. “He has way too much time on his hands.”

I thought this was supposed to be the Net Generation! Don’t they understand that people with too much time on their hands are the entire point of the internet??

In other news, who wants to watch a whole lot of ST:TNG with me this weekend?

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2 Responses to A break from reviews for a geekgasm

  1. redbeard says:

    Now that I’ve finished DS9 again (damn, that is some fine fine scfi-fi – well, after season 3 or so – viva la Ron Moore!), I’m kinda tempted. I may indeed have to go back and rewatch TNG.

    Of course, there’s a part of me that’s even vaguely tempted to watch (note that I don’t say rewatch) Voyager. But I think I shall remain strong on that one for the moment.

  2. Miriam says:

    The tree octopus fooled a certain mathematics professor of our mutual acquaintance – at least for an hour or so. Long live Octopus paxarbolis!

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