Cybils: Magic Trixie, by Jill Thompson

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Magic Trixie is a cute little witch girl with a talking pet cat, a baby sister (Abby Cadabra), an older sister, parents, grandparents, and a Mimi (“a Gramma who thinks that if she is never called the G-word, no one will know she is a Gramma”). She goes to school with assorted other cute monster-type children. In this story (first in a series, I gather), she has to come up with something super-cool for show and tell, while coming to terms with her resentment of Abby Cadabra.

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It sure is awfully damn cute. I love all the little touches: the werewolf girl is named Loupie Garou and brings bones for lunch, Nefi the mummy girl passes notes on scrolls of parchment, and they go to Monstersorri School! (Which boyfriend E points out is also a joke from Avenue Q, but that’s ok.) I feel a little out of my depth in judging its quality, though, since it’s meant for kids so much younger than my age of expertise.

In other news, you know you’re much older than the target audience of a book when your first reaction is, “Whoa, the dad is hot!” (Hey, at least I’m not a Mimi yet.)

ETA: Kristin Cashore just asked which book I’d like to live in, and I realized that I totally want to live inside Magic Trixie-world, where everything is both Halloween-y and cozy all the time, and I can have cloudberry pancakes for breakfast! So I must have been more enthusiastic about the book than I thought. Note: my desire to live there has nothing to do with the previous paragraph, I swear.

ETA: Also reviewed by my co-panelist Pink Me.

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  4. *snort* You’re right, that dad IS hot!

    If anybody had ever heard of Magic Trixie, I would have said that I went as Magic Trixie for Halloween.

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