Ok, I’ll read it already!

Dear internet,

Please, please stop hyping Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother. You’re making it sound like you’ve never read YA science fiction before, which seems unlikely since some of you write it. It’s the most inspiring book ever written! I get it! I’ll read it already! But shut up about it before the mere mention of the book makes me want to roll my eyes.

Oh wait. Too late.

Love n’ kisses,

P.S. The attendant discussion of YA sections in bookstores, and the fabbity fabness of YA lit in general, is of course well worth having, and gets a big thumbs up here at Parenthetical Headquarters. I’m just contrary enough to decide to dislike something in direct proportion to how much people tell me it’s the best thing ever. (Fans of The Wire, take note.)

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  2. They’re hyping it for political reasons, not literary reasons. NG is quite open about the book’s flaws — and there are more than that, way more! — but it’s very political. I am still debating with myself about how I should have starred it; narratively flawed but *such* a message book. Scared the crap out of me.

    Don’t expect it to be perfect, because it;s *very* flawed.

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